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Senin, 27 Mei 2013

Taeyang's Interview for Japan's "Dance Style Kids" Magazine [TRANS]

To me, dancing is the greatest happiness!
Q) First, tell me how do you feel being main character in JSDA this year.
YB) I feel happy, very happy!
Q) What do you think of Street dance test?
YB) I think it's really good.Because, you know, it's hard to live only dancing (without working) not only in Japan but also all around the world.(Because dancing can't bring in enough money.) And only people who dance very very well can get it as a real job.So I think it's good to have a test.
Q) Is there any moment that you realized differences about dancing in cultures of Japan and Korea?
YB) I think Japanese is more aware of dancing than Korean people. You can see people dancing on the street and young children like dancing as well. I heard that there's dancing class as a subject in school. I think it's the way to accept dancing as a part of our life. And personally, I had a chance to learn about dancing in Japan, I remember children who came to the dance studio looked very happy.
Q) Why did you have interests in singing and dancing?
YB) When I was young, there was a moment that Michael Jackson came to Korea, I saw him and felt like "I want to be an artist like him." I've learned dancing since I was 13 and I've learned singing since I became a pro.
Q) What is the great charm of dancing?
YB) It makes me feel good. I think I can forget about myself when I dance hard. Yes. I forget about myself! To me, dancing is the greatest happiness..
Q) Give advice readers who want to be artists to succeed as a top artists.
YB) I've never thought "I'm in the top of my profession". I sing and I dance because I like singing and dancing... When I was a student, although I couldn't be on the stage, I could still feel happy because I was singing and dancing. I think it's meaningful not to be in the top of it if you don't forget what you think like "I like singing", "I feel happy dancing" Anyway, I think it's important to have a mind to do it.
Photo Source and translation: @YB_518

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